How WoW Should Have Been Played.

December 9th 2022

About Our Server

Who's Running The Server?

World of Warcraft:shouldabeen is a fan-made private world of warcraft server dedicated to creating a vanilla-like experience but with added twists and code designed to make the vanilla wow much more interesting and unique. We strive on creating a fun and family friendly community which we can enjoy our time in with others. It goes back all the way to the original start of world of warcraft, where we were once fans of WoW before the scandals and lawsuits, when we once wanted to work and be part of blizzard's team as a dream job. However, unfortunately, that all burnt down, as did many other's dreams and hopes at game design when it was released in the media what was happening. Who knows how long it had truly been going on for. Then, with classic WoW's release, all of us were extremely excited for it, only to then realize that private servers - the very same private servers that had shut down out of respect for blizzard rolling out vanilla - had better functioning content and caring staff than even blizzard themselves. We stook in the background as players and developers staring at the burning community that WoW once was, and decided it was time to rekindle the love and passion for world of warcraft that us as fans have had since the birth of wow, but had vanished oh so swiftly over the past few years. We do all that we can to protect our identities as well as our players identities, and swear that we will never EVER release our players information, we swear that we will support and be strictly for the community the whole ride, and listen to the community. We are Shouldabeen, and we are here to make you think as you play our server "WoW, this is how WoW shouldabeen."

Our Servers Features

Here at Wow: Shouldabeen we pride ourselves in giving as many features as possible to our players with an evergrowing list of things that can be done. Below is a list of many of our features!


  • -Starting Guild For New Folks: This means you'll be part of a guild the moment you join!
  • -Progressive Raiding: Raid at level 60 doing Vanilla and TBC Raids, released over time!
  • -Numerous Game Modes To Play As You Wish: Ironman mode, Self-crafted gear only, and much more!
  • -We are Alt Friendly: Account Bound Mounts, Companions, and achievements.
  • -Tournament Raids: We will have tournaments on Raids!
  • -All TBC Dungeons/Raids Available in a progressive form, granting a challenge.
  • -All TBC Professions Unlocked and Available at 60.
  • -PVE Setting For All Of Azeroth
  • -Can Transfer Tokens over to different characters.
  • -Gain a bounty bonus of Gold when defeating world bosses


  • -1v1 Arenas, including arena tournaments for prizes!
  • -Arena Leaderboard
  • -Full Gear Drop and partial inventory PVP In Outlands!
  • -Player Bounty System
  • -Kill Streak Announcer
  • -Duel Reset CD's/HP and what not
  • -PVP Titles
  • -World PVP Kill Announcer in TBC
  • -TBC PVP BG/Arena Gear Unlocked - NOTE: Requires Additional Requirements.
  • -Gain a % Of Gold From Players when killing them.